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Environmental Policy Statement

We are fully aware that construction operations have an impact on the environment. Through the adoption of a reasonable and proactive attitude to environmental issues, we are committed to minimizing potentially harmful effects on the environment and to contributing to sustainable development through balancing our business aims with environmental considerations.

Specifically, where it is within our control or influence in both design and construction, we undertake to:

1. Comply with current and future legislation on environmental issues eg. Environmental Protection Act 1990 and the Control of Pollution (Amended) Act 1989. Under this Act, we are licensed to carry controlled waste.

2. Maintain our Environmental Management System in line with BS EN ISO 14001 requirements Accreditation No EMS 1012974).

3. Offer suggestions that may reduce the environmental impact of a project in both its design and construction.

4. Carry out on-site ‘environmental risk assessments’ to formulate plans that will help reduce the impact of things such as noise, dust and waste. Consult with local residents on any particular concerns.

5. Ensure staff are properly trained in all aspects of use of hazardous substances, including appropriate methods of storage and disposal.

6. Wherever and whenever possible, employ a system of recycling for items such as wood, metal, glass and bricks. 

7. Provide paper recycling facilities wherever possible 

8. Ensure that our electronic waste is either recycled by a fully licensed organisation or disposed of in accordance with WEEE Regulations.

9. Work with suppliers and sub-contractors to improve our combined environmental performance.

10. Endeavour to purchase all materials from renewable sources.

11. Offer advice on renewable energies for our construction methods.

 12. Give advice on recycling water, green roofs etc where applicable.

It is the responsibility of all our employees to support and apply those sections of the company environmental policy and procedures that relate to their activities.

Appropriate support and training will be given to staff to ensure that they are able to fulfil the commitments given in this statement of policy.

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